With the amount of sales online increasing each and every year, e-commerce hasn’t been a more popular business opportunity than it is today. For those of you looking to get web hosting that supports e-commerce, you really need to know which one provides you with the best tools to utilize without having to pay any extra fees. IX Web Hosting is one of many web hosting providers who packs their web hosting plans with great ecommerce features.

What do they have to offer? Well, let’s just take a look. 🙂

Quick & Easy Shopping Cart Installations

In as little as 5 minutes, you can have your shopping cart software up and running without having to hand over any more money than what you have already paid for web hosting. This is a great features and shows that IX Web Hosting is doing the best that they can possibly do to provide their customers with a great e-commerce hosting opportunity.

FREE SSL Certificate Including With IX Web Hosting Plans

That’s right! When you sign up for hosting over at IX Web Hosting, they throw in a free shared SSL certificate. This will make your e-commerce website a lot more secure as well as protect the information of your customers from being obtained by people that could use it to do harm to your customer’s identity.

IX Web Hosting optimizes their web hosting for online shops.

Since e-commerce is pretty big, the folks over at IX Web Hosting have optimized their web hosting to ensure that there’s not going to be any problems with setting up an online shop. This assures that their customers aren’t wasting their money on something that doesn’t have the ability to effectively host their e-commerce website(s).

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