One thing that’s becoming popular these days is having a free dedicated IP that comes standard with the web hosting plan. While many web hosting providers might not offer this, IX Web Hosting sure does! That’s right, one of the older names in the business, hands out dedicated IP addresses like they’re candy.

With their shared hosting, you can get up to 15 dedicated IP addresses.

That’s a lot of dedicated IPs and you would think getting that many would be expensive. However, IX Web Hosting has shown us that it’s possible without having a high price tag. This is great for e-commerce websites or any of you who really want to make sure that search engine optimization is something that you want to pursue with your new website.

If you outgrow the maximum IP allotment, scalability is an option.

One good thing about IX Web Hosting is that they provide a diversified variety of web hosting solutions at fair prices. From shared hosting all the way up to VPS hosting, they want to assure that their customers can stick with them from the beginning until the end. If you outgrow your maximum number of IPs, you can upgrade to their VPS hosting plans which provide you with the opportunity to have a lot more IP addresses.

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