IX Web Hosting isn’t one of the top hosts here at WHB, and they have a long ways to go before we even consider them close to becoming one of the top web hosting providers on Web Hosting Billboard.

Without bias, I’m going to do an investigation on IX Web Hosting backup.

IX Web Hosting doesn’t clearly offer a backup solution.

Sure, you could probably use the control panel to create and download backups of your IX Web Hosting account, but that’s not them taking a regular backup of your account.

To me, web hosting should automatically come with some sort of automatic backup solution so that I don’t have to risk losing my websites if I forget to make a manual backup myself.

Is the IX Web Hosting backup good?

For the more experienced webmasters out there, IX Web Hosting may or may not be a good choice. You just have to make sure that you make regular backups so that you don’t end up losing everything if the server has any kinds of technical malfunctions.

For the beginners out there, I would recommend that you search out your options with other web hosting providers. There are many hosts out there who  do automatic backups weekly, and sometimes nightly.

Want to give IX Web Hosting a try?

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