WordPress is an easy to use, highly customizable blog and CMS application available on all iPage Hosting Accounts.

You might be surprised that many of the biggest brands in the world use WordPress to run their websites and blogs:

iPage WordPress Setup Guide:

  1. Set up your iPage account and receive instant access.
  2. Login to your iPage hosting vDeck control panel
  3. Click on “scripting and addons” then “installcentral”
  4. Click on “blogs” and select WordPress.
  5. Click install now and fill out the form on the next page as you’ll see done in my video above.
  6. Click the button at the bottom to complete your installation, and in 15-20 seconds your new website is setup!
  7. Click your website link to see your live WordPress website.

Congratulations. You have successfully installed WordPress on iPage. Easy. Now let’s get to the fun part – check out iPageTraining.com and be sure to see the full training on using WordPress with iPage.

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Use the special link below to visit their website so that you can get setup in the world of blogging in no time.

Visit iPage Hosting

Now that you’ve set up your wordpress website, why not check out these resources to help you customize the look, attract visitors, grow a business and more!

Have fun – please leave a comment if this page was helpful for you, or if you have any questions at all. Also, don’t miss out on my review of iPage, including a recording of my customer experience with them, which was surprisingly good as I spoke with a support person who was obviously in the USA. I LOVE wordpress so I’m happy to answer questions.