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Do you want to access your email in your favorite internet browser instead of having to navigate through some email program just to check if you have mail? This can be done easily by pointing your browser to one of the iPage webmail programs. Check it out and see for yourself!

iPage gives you a choice of which webmail program that you want to use. There are a few choices and all of them are easy to use, even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing! This is a great start to a great feature, but what about the important stuff?

Goodbye spam!

You can kiss spam goodbye, because each iPage email account is protected with a state-of-the-art spam filter that protects your inbox from pesky advertisements known more commonly as spam.

iPage email blocks spam for you.

Just because you’re not using an email program doesn’t mean you have to be spammed to death.


Organizing your email accounts via one of the iPage webmail programs is actually pretty darn easy as well. You can create folders and much more within the webmail control panel of your particular email account. Staying organized is a good thing and now it’s even easier thanks to the iPage email hosting.


reliable web mail iPage webmail is hosted just like your website, on a redundant network infrastructure that assures your website isn’t going to become the victim of a prolonged amount of downtime.

You don’t have to worry as iPage is an award-winning web hosting provider with great support.

Now that you see just how easy email is with iPage web hosting, go to their website and sign up just to see for yourself why iPage is one of the most preferred web hosting providers in the world.

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