If you’re familiar with forum software, you probably know that vBulletin is a very powerful as well as reputable forum platform that is used by a countless amount of forums worldwide.

However, vBulletin is a very demanding php application that requires web hosting which can actually support the language and support the amount of pages that a vBulletin forum will end up having (it starts out with over 100 pages and grows as the forum grows). There are many web hosting providers that can give you vBulletin hosting, but iPage vBulletin hosting stands out from the rest.

Why iPage?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. iPage is a web hosting provider who has a tremendous amount of experience providing fully-diverse web hosting solutions and they also have a great reputation among many web hosting consumers.

Why choose iPage for vBulletin hosting?
Not only that, but they are also a pretty affordable hosting solution. In fact, they are one of the most affordable web hosting providers in the world and they provide some of the richest web hosting features to their customers.

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iPage vBulletin Hosting Simplified

vbulletin hosting simplifiedYou don’t need a bunch of ranting and raving about how good they are. We already covered that as much as it needs to be covered.When it comes down to it, you need to know that vBulletin is the forum solution for you.

It has many features and plugins that can help you improve the forum experience for your users and it is the most trusted forum software for some of the largest forums on the internet. It may not be a free forum like Simple Machines Forums, but it is worth what you have to do in order to get it.

Check out the iPage website for more info on their forum hosting and how much it will cost you or just check out our iPage web hosting review for a detailed analysis of this provider.