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Don’t think that I’m only going to provide you with a minimal amount of information, because that’s just not the way that I do things around here. In fact, here’s something that’s going to let you know if iPage sucks or if they rock. 🙂

iPage Web Hosting Briefing

iPage is the premier web hosting provider who has worked hard to become the most preferred web hosting provider that we have ever featured here on Web Hosting Billboard. For businesses and those who want their own website, this is the web host that gives you everything that you could possibly need to start your own online domination. 🙂

What have iPage customers said?

One thing that I have come to learn from review web hosting providers, is that if a host is good, others will be more than happy to share their experiences as well. Web Hosting Billboard has been blessed with many consumer reviews of iPage web hosting, some of which have been featured below for your convenience.


Is it really true that iPage sucks?

iPage is far from sucking, because they have proven that they have what it takes to be the best web hosting provider in the world. You’ll only experience the best when you choose these folks to host your website.

Please look elsewhere if you need a host that sucks. 🙂
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