With over 800 employees and operations on several continents, iPage is one of the largest hosting providers in the world. Currently, iPage hosts more than 1 million websites, a significant number that proves that the company is successful and reliable.

iPage is a shared web hosting specialist, offering an attractive and affordable shared hosting plan, called Essential Hosting. The plan includes unlimited resources (disk space, bandwidth, email) as well as a number of advanced features, such as a free security suite that is exclusive to iPage, simple to use site-building tools, and others.

As the name suggests, Essential Hosting includes the essentials features of a budget web hosting plan, without many bells and whistles. For this reason, if you require advanced functions such as SSH, you should think twice before opting for the hosting services offered by iPage.

What is SSH and how is it useful?

In layman’s terms, SSH (Secure Shell) is a protocol that allows secure, encrypted communication over a network. SSH works with many types of servers, including Unix, Linux and Windows, and it’s widely used for remotely accessing machines over the internet. SSH replaces older network communication protocols, like Telent, which do not provide encryption, and are therefore less secure.

Site administrators use SSH to login to remote hosts, make secure file transfers, to create virtual private networks, and for other advanced functions.

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Do you need SSH?

The answer to this question depends on your level of expertise in networking and on the purpose of your iPage hosting account. If you’re just a beginner looking to setup a simple website, a blog, or other simple application, you will probably never need to know what SSH is, or how you can utilize it.

SSH is an advanced tool that lets administrators establish secure connections directly to the server host. For example, specialists can use the secure shell to send commands to the server via command lines. If you don’t need encryption or remote access to the server, you don’t require SSH and there is no point in choosing a provider that offers this feature.

If you want to learn more about how to set up SSH on Windows, refer to the tutorial below:

When is SSH necessary?

SSH was designed for security, so if you handle sensitive data or require a completely secure environment, you should consider opting for a web host that provides secure shell. Basically, secure shell encrypts the communication between two computers connected in a network. Unsecure protocols send passwords in free text form, which make them susceptible to packet sniffing attacks. In this type of attacks, hackers analyze the data exchanged over the network and can thus determine passwords and gain unauthorized access to servers.

SSH prevents package sniffing by using private encryption keys that are only available to authorized users.

Is SSH a must-have feature for you?

iPage offers a budget-friendly shared hosting plan with plenty of features. The Essential Hosting plan from iPage is mostly addressed to the users that have relatively simple requirements, and don’t want to pay extra for advanced features that they will never use. If you’re a power user or if you need a secure hosting environment, you should consider opting for another web hosting provider.

However, for everyday users,  SSH and other advanced functions have very little importance or relevance. Therefore, if you need an affordable plan without useless bells and whistles, we recommend using iPage.

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