With news about hacking attacks and online frauds making the headlines almost every week, it’s no wonder why consumers feel uncomfortable about buying products and services online. Moreover, many people are reluctant to give their personal information to websites, fearing spam and frauds. For website owners, this trend has harmful consequences, from losing contact with the target audience to decreasing revenue and lost business opportunities.

Show your Customers that You Can Be Trusted with the iPage SiteLock Service

To help small businesses protect online presences from threats, iPage offers the SiteLock service. SiteLock is a comprehensive security package that not only protects sites from spam and hacking attacks, but also shows the public that websites are legitimate and trustworthy. Best of all, at iPage SiteLock is available for only $9.95 per year! That’s less than 10% of the catalog price of the product, which is $99 per year. iPage is able to offer you such a good deal thanks to its longtime partnership with SiteLock, the market leader in business website security services.

Say goodbye to malware with iPage SiteLock

With iPage hosting and the SiteLock security service, you can forget about the constant danger posed by malware and hacking. The SiteLock application works by monitoring your website for threats, round the clock. The deep 360 Degree Site Scan is on the lookout for all type of malware and intrusion. SiteLock protects your online presence from the following vulnerabilities:

  • Brute force attacks
  • Backdoors
  • SQL Injections
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • Application vulnerabilities

In addition, by opting for the SiteLock service from iPage, you are protected against spam, phishing, and identity theft. The service checks daily if spam messages are sent from your domain. SiteLock also verifies your business, by checking it against public databases and verifying contact phone numbers, day by day. For legitimate companies, business verification and reputation scanning provide an effective way to show consumers that they can be trusted with sensitive personal details.

Apply the seal of trust from SiteLock to prove that you’re a serious business partner

Statistics show that people check the certificate of the websites before handing over personal details. You too can prove your honesty with the Trust Seal from SiteLock and get comprehensive protection against malware at the same time.

SiteLock provides instant credibility for your business, no matter in what area you activate. The seal also shows your visitors that your website is secure and clean of malware. This is crucial, especially if you are running an online store or another type of website that deals with sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers. Your customers will have the peace of mind that their bank accounts are secure and they will reward you with more business and more revenue.

The bottom line

For online businesses, conversion rates are a crucial metric that shows how efficient are the marketing efforts and how convincing is a website overall. Consumer studies show that SiteLock-protected websites have conversion rates that are on average 15% higher when compared with websites without certification.

When you consider that iPage makes the SiteLock service available to its customers for only $9.95, you will understand why we say that iPage SiteLock is a great investment. Improve conversion rates, customer retention, and revenue with iPage web hosting and the SiteLock security service.

Combining it with a great business hosting

iPage provides the best business web hosting on Web Hosting Billboard, hands down. Combine it with something as solid as Sitelock Security and you have the best web hosting solution that you could have ever asked for. By the way, the Sitelock discount for iPage customers brings the price down to $9.95 per year. Talking about an awesome savings!

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