Search engine optimization is important for any website, regardless of what it’s about. The reason for this is that the most reliable traffic for a website is through search engine results. In order to be noticed, you need to rank for keywords that accurately describe your website and what is has to offer.

Another key factor to SEO is the host that you use. If they don’t provide SEO friendly hosting, you could risk harming the potential that your website has when it comes to rising in the SERPs. iPage is a very SEO friendly host, so there’s no need to worry about their web hosting hurting your SEO efforts. Why do I say that?

They distribute their sites across tons of nameservers.

Instead of having 100 spammy sites on the same nameservers that your quality website is on, they balance out their nameserver usage so that SEO isn’t harmed due to the poor quality of other websites on the same shared hosting server. iPage has some of the cleanest nameservers that I have seen in  a very long time.

The many iPage search engine marketing bonuses can help you test traffic?

Have you wondered that if people searching for a particular keyword would actually convert when they come to your website? With iPage, you get free search engine marketing credits that can help you find the truth for that curious mind of yours. It can take a long time to rank for a keyword, so you want to be sure that it’s going to benefit you when you’re at the top.

iPage definitely provides SEO friendly hosting.

iPage provides some of the best SEO friendly hosting featured here on Web Hosting Billboard. There’s no need to worry about this host not being seo-friendly. 🙂

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