iPage Rebate Details – Read carefully!

Just a quick recap about the iPage rebate. Technically, there isn’t one. However, we do have a special iPage web hosting discount that will do the same thing as a rebate, except it will save you money right off of the bat!

iPage has a couple of different web hosting specials going on at the moment. The one that you see mentioned here on Web Hosting Billboard is where you can click this special iPage discount link and automatically lock in their web hosting for $3.50 per month on all payment terms (they offer yearly, every 2 years, and every 3 years).

The second iPage special is where you don’t use any special discount link, and they give you the opportunity to get their hosting for only $3.50 per month if you sign up for the 3 year payment term.

It adds up just to use this special iPage discount link, so that you can agree to the payment term that you’re the most comfortable with.

What do I get if I use the special WHB link for an iPage rebate alternative?

I’ve got a lot in store for you. In fact, I have been working on this offering for quite some time now and I just got it to the point to where I can proudly offer it to the visitors of Web Hosting Billboard.

  • $3.50 Per Month for iPage Hosting (Significant Discount)
  • Free Coaching Newsletter
  • Videos Here At WHB To Get You Acquainted
  • The answers to any questions you may have for our team.

As you can see, we’re here to help you in any way that we can. Web Hosting Billboard has been around for quite some time, but now you’re able to experience the best value that Web Hosting Billboard has ever had since the first day of its existence.

Every day, you will find us working to get you the best deal on web hosting, help you get setup easily with hosting, and have access to tons of valuable hosting information that’s legit, unlike most of the scammy website around that can be bought with a few dollars.

How do I get this iPage rebate alternative?

Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer since it was hard enough to get them to offer this to our visitors. However, you can still take advantage of it by clicking on the iPage discount link provided for you below.