iPage Promo Code Details – Read carefully!

While there isn’t a TRUE iPage promo code, there’s a special discount going around that’s even better. 🙂 Yep, they actually have two different iPage web hosting promos running at the moment.

One of them is the one that you see featured right here on Web Hosting Billboard, where you can use our special iPage web hosting discount link and lock in the cheap pricing of $3.50 per month on all of their payment terms (1 year, 2 years, and 3 years).

The second iPage promotion is where you don’t use any discount link at all, and you can only lock in the price of $3.50 per month on their 3 year payment term. This isn’t nearly as good of a deal as you get when you use this special iPage discount link.

We’ve done it once again, we helped you save the most money on web hosting. This is truly what I enjoy doing, and I couldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for making a site like Web Hosting Billboard possible. It truly means a lot to each and every one of us that works hard every day to provide you with the most valuable web hosting resource that the internet has ever seen. 🙂

iPage Promo Code

The iPage promo code used to be a way that they used for tracking their promotions that they handed out on the web. It helped them track where their new customers were coming from, and allowed them to focus deeply into the marketing efforts that were showing them the best results when it came to proving that they have what it takes to produce some of the BEST web hosting in the world.

However, as times change, technology changes even faster. The iPage promo code has reach extinction, just like the dinosaurs. I hate to be the one bringing this bad news to you. 🙁

You brought me all the way here to disappoint me?!

NO WAY! I would never do that! Absolutely not!

The iPage promo code was actually replaced by more modern technology that involves special links. Since then, iPage has only provided select websites with the opportunity to present their special promotion where you can get their web hosting for a SWEET $3.50 per month. We happen to be one of those websites and the special discount link has been featured below for your convenience.

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