One thing that I love is when I sign up for something and they throw in free bonuses. I thought about it, and I figured that a lot of you would enjoy getting some free bonuses thrown in with your web hosting plan. So in order to make sure that this was going to be feasible for you, I went out on a mission to find the hosts who handed out some awesome things with their plans.

One thing that really stood out is the iPage marketing bonuses that you get once you place an order for their web hosting plan. What’s so good about it?

Free $50 Google AdWords Voucher

Google is the most dominant search engine and advertising platform that the internet has ever seen during its existence. This provides your business with a massive marketing opportunity, especially when you get a FREE $50 Google advertising credit with your new iPage account.

Free $50 Facebook Advertising Voucher

Honestly, who doesn’t use Facebook these days? You can use this social media empire to your advantage when it comes to effectively marketing your business. With Facebook, you can lock in the demographics of your target audience and test out different ads to see which ones convert the best for you. A $50 Facebook advertising credit is included with all new iPage web hosting accounts.

Free $50 Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing Voucher

Yahoo! is one of the first and most popular search engines to ever exist. I remember using Yahoo! as a kid, back when it was in its beginning day and it has sure come a long ways since then. With iPage, you get a FREE $50 credit for Yahoo! search engine marketing that is bound to drive in some new business to your website.

Free Listing On

There are many people who rely on to find a business that can provide them with what they’re needing. When you sign up with iPage, you get a free listing at which is sure to give your business the exposure that it deserves.

Google Webmaster Tools Included

Google Webmaster Tools is the ultimate collection of online tools for any webmaster to have. This is automatically provided with your iPage web hosting account.

Subscription to RatePoint’s Newsletter Manager

The RatePoint Site Seal is the key to making your website become deemed as authentic among your visitors. It provides you with the opportunity to submit customer reviews of your products/services via a web-based application as well as a mediator for any negative feedback that may have been submitted by your business. For 60 days, you get this great service, FREE of charge when you sign up with iPage hosting.

Free Access To Online Marketing Guides

iPage has provided their users with access to a plethora of online marketing guides to get you going when it comes to promoting your website quickly as well as effectively. It’s good to see a host reaching out to educate their consumers like iPage has been doing. 🙂

As you can see, iPage is pretty serious when it comes to their marketing bonuses. This is absolutely the most beneficial package of marketing bonuses that I have yet to see any host offer. In fact, I think they are yet to be beaten!

Sign up with iPage using the special discount link featured for you below, it locks in their web hosting plan at $4.50 per month. Which is half off of what they normally charge. Once you sign up, return here to sign up for your FREE iPage website creation video course. 😉