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One thing that we have come to realize is that we have to do everything in our power to help preserve the planet where we live. This means taking advantage of as many opportunities to go green as possible. For those of us who needs web hosting, the opportunity to go green lies with iPage green hosting. Finally, one of the best hosts in the world has went eco-friendly!

How is iPage green hosting really green?

iPage purchases renewable energy certificates. These certificates make it easy for companies to fund green energy production by having them purchase the equivalent in wind power to what they used on their energy grid. Want to see some cool iPage green hosting facts? Take a look below. 🙂

  • The amount of wind energy that iPage purchases is the equivalent to planting over 2,300 acres of trees.
  • Promote your green website when you host with iPage by using one of their green powered buttons.
  • iPage offsets every bit of it’s energy usage with wind energy, making a valuable contribution to the environment.

You could even launch your own green campaign if you have iPage hosting!

That’s right, you can spread the word about how your company cares about the environment.

Purchasing green hosting as well as other things that are eco-friendly surely will show your customers and potential customers that you’re a company who has a heart, unlike some of the heartless conglomerates that exist in today’s world of business.

Signing Up for iPage Green Hosting

If you want to take advantage of all of the powerful benefits that iPage has to offer you with their green unlimited web hosting plan, just use the link below and you will also become registered for a huge price break. Instead of paying the normal $6.95 per month, why not save some money and pay $3.50 per month? It’s a no brainer!

Once you sign up, make sure that you come back and register for the EXCLUSIVE iPage website creation video course. It’s FREE to all of our visitors who sign up for iPage web hosting through our link.

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