Many web hosting providers don’t support Frontpage, making Frontpage users pull their hair out trying to find reliable web hosting that actually supports that fairly popular Microsoft web design product.

Today is the day that you not only found a host that supports it, but a host that provides you with some of the best Frontpage hosting in the world. Why do we say that? Just take a look below!

Fast Servers

When you’re working on your website, you don’t want to have to wait on the slow server of your web hosting provider. The only way to prevent this is to get a host like iPage who has the latest technology and some of the fastest web hosting servers in the industry.

Daily Backups

When you upload your Frontpage site, and the server hard drive crashes, you better have a backup. No worries if you’re an iPage customer since they provide automated backups every single day of the week. Not to mention, you get a free Carbonite subscription so that you can safely backup your desktop as well.

Great Marketing Bonuses

For those of you who were going to have to do some marketing anyways, let iPage pay the bill with their various marketing vouchers that are thrown in when you sign up as a new iPage customer. This can help you get started quicker than you would if you had to wait on marketing funds to come in.

Rocking Support Who Cares

When you have a problem with Frontpage hosting, your friendly support team over at iPage is waiting patiently to help you fix the problem. Around the clock, they have some there in case any problems arise. Now that’s a great thing to have from your host.

As you can see, there’s a pretty good deal there if you choose iPage Frontpage hosting. In fact, I don’t think a better deal around. Oh wait, yes you can, right here at Web Hosting Billboard. Use the special link below to get an awesome discount and bonuses from the team here at WHB.