When it comes to the most widely used form of communication, one can’t help but wonder if email has won over popularity since more and more people are getting in touch with those that they know by simply emailing them.

We all know that it’s way more convenient and reliable than other communication methods. When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider, you may not be aware of how important it really is to see what they offer in terms of email features. That’s why we decided to go over a few iPage email features.

Secured Email Accounts

iPage secures their email accounts.This is where the iPage email virus scan comes into play.

Viruses are sent to email addresses every day in order to make people vulnerable.

Don’t let yourself become a victim, start taking advantage of having email virus protection automatically scan any incoming email for you.

[email protected]

That’s right, when you choose iPage as your web hosting provider, they provide you with the opportunity to have an email address at your domain name. Rather than using the domain giving to you with free email accounts, which can look unprofessional at times, take advantage of the custom options available with iPage.

Unlimited Email Accounts

iPage offers an unlimited number of email accounts.Many web hosting providers like to limit how many email accounts you are allowed in order to sell you a more expensive plan when you really don’t need it except to have the opportunity to add more email accounts. You don’t have to worry about iPage becoming greedy and costing your more money in the long run since they offer unlimited email addresses.

iPage email is one of the best email hosting services around and it gives you more than enough flexibility to stay on top of your lines of communication with others. Not to mention their web hosting is very high in quality.

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