We’ve shown you just how quick and easy it is to get a personal website or blog up and running with iPage. But, what if you wanted to start up an online business? Thankfully, iPage has you covered with all the e-commerce tools you need to start up an online store. And even better, most of these e-commerce tools are free and included in your hosting plan.

Shopping Cart

The great thing about iPage when it comes to e-commerce is the flexibility to choose between different Shopping Carts. In a nutshell, a Shopping Cart is simply a term referring to a software used to convert your website into an online store that can list products, let customers make purchases and also to checkout.

Some hosting sites only offer you one type of Shopping Cart to choose from that works out of the box. Other times, you’re given none and have to figure it all out yourself. iPage on the other hand, you’re given the most popular online Shopping Carts to choose from, including ShopSite, osCommerce and AgoraCart.

Let’s take a look at ShopSite for example. If you’re looking for a simple online store, the ShopSite Starter is included free in your hosting plan. If you wish to sell more than 15 products or wish to have features like coupons, certificates and inventory tracking, then you might wish to take a look at ShopSite Manager or ShopSite Pro. These options will cost you extra per month on top of your hosting plan.

Installing ShopSite is quick and simple. Simply log into your iPage control panel and click on the icon ShopSite Starter to get started. Installation takes only a few minutes.

ShopSite is really easy to use and the administrator control panel is intuitive and easy to navigate. By going into products, you can quickly list a product for sale and edit the product details with ease. You can also easily manage your orders and produce sales reports. There are also different layout settings, preferences and templates to choose from.

Here’s what a simple e-commerce site could look like. You can have a similar one up and running in minutes!


A lot of customers are always worried about security when it comes to online shopping. iPage gives you the chance to secure your website so it won’t be vulnerable to hackers and protects sensitive information during online transactions.

There are two SSL certificates you can choose from. QuickSSL Premium Certificate and Extended Validation SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It encrypts data when you’re transmitting information over the Internet, such as personal details and credit card numbers. Protecting your online site with a SSL starts from just $59.95 and it’s worth the investment. With billions of money lost each year due to internet fraud, it’s a price worth paying to protect your business and also the privacy of your customers.


So you have the Shopping Cart set up and the security all sorted out. But how would your customers pay you?

The most popular payment processor is PayPal. It’s integrated with a lot of online shopping sites, including eBay, Dell, Walmart and Sony. iPage actually provides you with the capability of integrating PayPal checkout system onto your website. All you need to do is sign up for a PayPal merchant account which is free and easy to do.

One disadvantage of using PayPal is that the checkout process isn’t as easy for a customer without a PayPal account, Also, transferring the money from your PayPal account to your bank account can sometimes incur a fee.

If you have a comprehensive online store, you might look into iPayment as an option too. iPayment process credit card transactions and can also be integrated to your website without any hassle. The collected funds from online purchases are automatically deposited into your bank account.


iPage makes it easy for any business, large or small, to set up a working online shopping site in no time. There are lots of e-commerce features to choose from and the fact that most of them are free, is an added bonus for anyone to open up their very own online shop.

If you need the opportunity to increase your exposure globally, we recommend iPage e-commerce supported hosting.