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If there’s one web hosting provider who has an effective downtime prevention strategy, it has to be iPage. Why is that? iPage is known for providing highly reliable shared web hosting solutions to users from all kinds of different regions around the world. Got you curious yet? Good!


Now that we have sparked your curiosity about the iPage downtime reputation, let’s set one thing straight. They have an uptime guarantee to start off with and this truly shows that iPage is out there to help web hosting consumers instead of harming them like many untrusted web hosting providers have already succeeded in doing.

iPage Guarantees Solid Uptime

On top of the guarantee that this web hosting provider offers, they also have set a strategic monitoring system in place in order to ensure the continuance of the superior iPage uptime reputation. This is definitely screaming out that iPage is serious when it comes to keeping your websites online at all hours of the day and night.

Our iPage Downtime/Uptime Monitor System (screenshot)

Chart of iPage's uptime and downtime

NOTE: The pic above is just a screenshot I took – to see the CURRENT uptime record, visit our iPage Web Hosting Review.

Not only do they have such good website monitoring in place that helps prevent anything happening beforehand, they also employ cloud server hosting technology which means that there is always a live backup server ready to kick in if the main server experiences any issues. What this ends up doing is makes it just about impossible for your website to be offline due to technical difficulties.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that’s because it’s actually pretty darn good when it comes to ensuring high quality web hosting is provider to each and every single one of the customers over at iPage web hosting. This is one of the biggest reasons that iPage has had so much success in the web hosting industry. They go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring the untouchable iPage downtime reputation.

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