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save money with free domain nameI love companies who really give the customers the most for a price that’s not going to have me digging into my savings account. The folks over at iPage pack their web hosting plans with free bonuses that are valued at hundreds of dollars.

The free domain that they give you is good for the life of your iPage web hosting account. If you choose to go to another web hosting provider in the future, you can have the domain transferred as long as your account was in good standing when you left iPage.

Do I have to worry about renewing the iPage domain name every year?

The only thing that you ever have to worry about paying for the domain is the cost of your web hosting account over at iPage. They pay for the domain registration out of their own pockets for as long as you’re a loyal customer with them.

Why do I need a domain name?

Sure, you could go with a sub-domain (http://www.SomeoneElsesSite/~YourSiteName) but that just looks too darn tacky. I care about being professional and having your own domain helps give you and your business a professional address on the internet.

Why use a domain instead of a subdomain?When I see businesses using sub-domains, I think of them as a cheap business who takes shortcuts so that they can make a few more dollars off of their customers.  Simply put, I trust a business with their own domain name ( more than I could ever trust one with a sub-domain.

How do I get the free domain?

How can I get an iPage domain for free?When you sign up for iPage hosting, you’ll provide them with some information for your new web hosting account.

One of the things that you’re going to end up providing them with is the domain name that you would like to have for your website.

Yes, you get to pick it out yourself. How cool is that?

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