Keep Your Personal Info Hidden From Creepers with Domain Privacy

One of the best things about the Internet can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare. Easy access to information means that virtually anyone can look you up on the net and find personal details such as email address, phone number and even your home address. Sure, it doesn’t happen often, but spammers, fraudsters, and even stalkers can use your personal details and cause you serious troubles.

Keep Your Personal Info Hidden From Creepers with Domain Privacy

Domain registration is an area that you should really pay attention to. Every time you register a new domain or extend the registration of an old domain, you are required to provide personal details, including email address, phone number, and even a physical address. This information is required by ICANN, the organization that oversees domain name assignation. Unless you protect it, your personal data will be publicly available on the web, and with a simple Whois lookup, anyone can learn your email address and easily find you.

Luckily, services such as the iPage Domain Privacy can protect you. Read on to see how iPage Domain Privacy hides your personal details and why you should opt for the service.

Why use iPage Domain Privacy?

iPage Domain Privacy can spare you a lot of trouble. One of the biggest threats is spam. Your email address is available in a public database. Sneaky spammers use bots to crawl the databases and harvest email addresses of unsuspecting site owners. Next, your email address is sold or exchanged, and soon you will find hundreds of junk messages flooding your Inbox. Spam is not to be neglected. Protect yourself with iPage Domain Privacy.

Unprotected domain details can cause you even more problems if hackers or fraudsters gain access to it. Just imagine what could happen if a fraudster would hack into your email account and steal precious and sensitive data. Bank accounts, ecommerce logins, personal information… they are all at risk.

In extreme cases, you can even discover that someone stole your identity. Identity theft is a growing concern; it can even get you legal troubles, if fraudsters use your identity to commit crimes. The only protection? A domain privacy service, such as the iPage Domain Privacy.

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So how does iPage Domain Privacy work?

How Does Domain Privacy Work?First of all, it’s important to know that you should always provide your real data when registering internet domains. Using false data can lead to losing your precious domain name and that’s the last thing you want. Provide your real information and protect it with iPage Domain Privacy.

iPage will replace your private information with its own, generic details. For example instead of your name and email address, a Whois lookup will show iPage’s name and contact details. Make sure to opt for this service when buying the domain, to have your data protected from day one.

Of course, you keep full ownership over the domain. And, if someone looks you up in the ICANN databases, you will be noticed and you can choose if you reveal your information or not. It’s very simple and very effective.

How to sign up

To sign up for the iPage Domain Privacy service, make sure to tick the Domain Privacy checkbox when registering your domain with iPage. Currently the cost of iPage Domain Privacy is $8.99 per year, a small price for a service that protects you and your dear ones against hackers, spammers, and frauds.

Want to learn more about signing up for an iPage domain? Take a look at our quick tutorial below.

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