iPage Database Hosting Explained
When you use content management systems or blogging software, you have to have what is known as a MySQL database. Keeping it simple, this is a database of everything that your website has written on it or done to it, this is like the heart of information for a website that runs on a platform.

What does iPage offer in terms of databases?

What database options does iPage offer?

iPage just happens to be one of the very limited number of hosts who offers the customers with the security of an unlimited number of databases. That means you won’t ever have to worry about hitting the maximum number of databases.

This doesn’t even mention the ability to have multiple domains point to your iPage web hosting account, making it a great choice for those wanting to start their own little website network without having to spend tons of money each month on a dedicated server.

Fast Database Hosting Is Essential

When you have any website that runs on a database, you need the fastest hosting that you can get your hands on. I have personally seen just how terrible of a situation you can get your website in if you choose a slow host.

Just because they offer the best price, doesn’t mean that they offer the best web hosting. iPage is affordable and they have proven to have what it takes in order to host database websites reliably and efficiently.

Just how does iPage provide fast database hosting?

How is their database hosting so fast? All they use are Dell servers, which are the highest quality servers on the market and they use load balancing technology to balance out their clients to where speed won’t ever have to sacrificed on any of their web hosting accounts.

Plug up the multiple gigabyte connections they have and the servers are making their wheels scream, providing the best database hosting experience you have ever had the opportunity to see. 🙂