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Content Management Systems (CMS) are becoming more popular today than they have ever been before. The main reason for this is that even the most inexperienced webmasters can get a website up and going in just a matter of minutes without having to pull out their hair.

That’s why it’s more important today for a host to provide multiple content management systems to their customers than it has ever been before. Only the best will step up to this task and iPage leads them all in this arena.

What CMS can I install easily on iPage?

iPage CMS Reviewed

When it comes to installing a CMS, virtually anyone can be setup manually on a standard web hosting plan. However, very few hosts make CMS’ available to install in less than five minutes. Here are what iPage CMS’ you can install quickly with their lightning fast CMS installation script.

As you can easily see, iPage has the best content management systems on the block. They spent time picking out the best and they have one of the best selections that I have ever seen before. This makes them an awesome selection for CMS hosting.

Does iPage support CMS’?

Formally, iPage doesn’t support content management systems as problems that could arise are very unpredictable. However, I have seen in certain cases where their support department has lent a helping hand with common CMS problems.

If you need further information, the link to the website of the CMS is in your control panel so that you can go and read the documentation for yourself. Not to mention, the official iPage knowledgebase has some pretty good iPage CMS information meant to guide you in the right direction.

If you would like to see what else iPage has to offer, read the review here on Web Hosting Billboard or visit their website for every speck of the details.

Visit iPage Web Hosting