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When it comes to protecting your data, you don’t want to be unprepared. Your data is at a risk of being lost every single minute a computer (or server in this case) is turned on. If you don’t have a backup, everything could be lost in the ashes of what used to be your hosting account.

If you want to be safe when it comes to storing your websites, iPage provides a system that’s sure to keep you covered at every angle necessary.

Not only do they backup your hosting account daily, you can also get your desktop backed up!

They throw in a PC backup service when you sign up as a new iPage web hosting customer, which can work in the background keeping all of the precious data backed up regularly.

I personally use a computer backup service, and it has saved me so many time that I can’t even count. It’s great to see as technology progresses, there are safer ways to use a computer coming out repeatedly and the leading companies such as iPage throw them into their services for free!

That was an awesome bonus to come across, but how do I get my iPage backup?

When you actually have a need for your backup, you need to know how to get to it easily. In your control panel, there’s a Backup and Restore button, this will provide you with the opportunity to upload a backup file from your computer or to just use one of the iPage backup points that were saved previously.

As you can see, iPage has it covered when it comes to having a flawless backup solution for their web hosting clients and this is one feature that has shown us just how much they care about their web hosting customers. They really do go the extra mile that many web hosts simply refuse to go to.

For more information on iPage, feel free to visit their website. The discount link here at Web Hosting Billboard saves you $24 by bringing the cost down to only $4.50 per month. 🙂

Activate iPage Web Hosting