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Inmotion hosting is now offering a discount, saving you $12/year on business web hosting plans. When it comes to saving money, there really isn’t ever a better time. Right now, money is hard to come by for many people due to the state of the economy.

When you want to get web hosting, you are probably looking for one of the most affordable solutions without having to sacrifice quality. You can easily do this by choosing a web hosting provider who offers a coupon or a discount.

Many web hosting providers including iPage and Fat Cow are always offering a discount via select sources so that new customers can actually get what they need without having to break the bank to pay the web hosting bill.

However, there’s not an InMotion discount which could lead you to one of their competitors. We always try to get good discounts and coupons for the web hosting providers that are listed here on Web Hosting Break, but we weren’t presented with that opportunity when reviewing InMotion.

While there may not be an InMotion discount currently available, we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t use their web hosting. After all, they made it on the Web Hosting Break top ten list and that’s not the easiest thing for any web hosting provider to achieve.

When it comes down to the point of the matter, you need to ask yourself whether you want a discount or if you would give InMotion a try without getting a discount on their web hosting. They are a good web hosting provider with a good reputation.

If you are looking for a web hosting discount, we recommend using Fat Cow or iPage as they have provided us with the opportunity to provide our visitors with special coupons and discounts which will save you money on their web hosting services. Good luck on your search for web hosting!

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