HostPapa may be one of the leading green hosts here on Web Hosting Billboard, but do they really have what it takes to provide high quality forum hosting to their customers who need it? Simply put, they exceed when it comes to this area and I outline a few of the reasons why I say that below.

Easy forum installations, DONE!

Instead of having to mess around with manually installing a forum, which could take hours I might add, why not login to your HostPapa control panel and be able to have your forum professionally installed on your web hosting account in just a matter of minutes? The opportunity is finally here!

With HostPapa, unlimited is a way of life.

HostPapa is also one of our top unlimited web hosting providers, which means that they don’t set resource limits on their web hosting accounts like most hosts do. Instead, they believe in providing you with unlimited web hosting which is what your forum needs to be able to continue on its journey to success.

They will even throw in a FREE domain!

This is sure to give you that extra incentive that you need to launch your very own forum. Pick up the domain with your new HostPapa web hosting account since it’s free! This just might be what gets you to launch your forum sooner than what you thought it would have been!

Ready to order HostPapa hosting?

You can use the special HostPapa discount link that’s provided for you below, it will make their cost of web hosting a low price of $4.95 per month, which is a tremendous savings off what others pay for HostPapa green hosting.