HostPapa is one of the best green web hosting providers that has ever been featured here on Web Hosting Billboard. Their popularity sure doesn’t end with us considering that they are one of very few hosts who has become one of the biggest sources for web hosting in the world.

Of course, this means that they must offer good deals on green hosting. Do they?

It all started out with the HostPapa coupon.

The staff at HostPapa used to actually go out in masses to distribute coupon codes regularly. This HostPapa coupon was good for new customers and it made their web hosting less than five bucks each month. Over time, the popularity for this became rather overwhelming and this pushed HostPapa to improving the way that they offer promotions.

Announcing the 21st century discount link!

Ok, maybe that headline was a little out there, but I like to grab your attention to the fact that HostPapa uses state of the art linking technology to provide certain websites with the opportunity to give their visitors this same exact web hosting discount that used to only be available with an official HostPapa coupon.

Where’s the link at?

Here’s the special HostPapa discount link that brings the cost of their hosting to less than five bucks per month. Once you sign up, make sure that you come back here to Web Hosting Billboard and sign up for our EXCLUSIVE, YET FREE website creation course that will have you setting up your own sites at record speeds!