HostPapa is a green web hosting provider who has provided decent web hosting solutions for years. Being green is one of the things that they pride themselves on, but there are just certain things that they need to do in order to improve the quality of their web hosting offerings.

One of these things will be exposed right here, which is the way that the HostPapa backup is setup.

HostPapa DOES NOT automatically backup your account.

Many of the leading web hosts that have been featured here on Web Hosting Billboard offer some time of automatic backup solution for their customers. However, HostPapa doesn’t implement any type of web hosting backup solution that automatically takes place.

This could be good or bad. If you can remember to backup your site to your PC regularly, there won’t be a problem. If you need automatic site backups, try to look at one of the top web hosting providers featured right here on WHB.

Manually Making HostPapa Backup Files

For those of you who are comfortable with making your own website backups, you will find that it’s so easy a kid could do it. HostPapa uses cPanel, which provides you with a website backup tool. In just a few clicks, you will have a complete hosting backup compiled right in front of your eyes.

Restoring Your HostPapa Backup

Inside the control panel, there’s a restoration wizard that will guide you through the process of restoring your website with a backup file. This makes it easy to restore your website if there ever becomes a problem that you have to get taken care of immediately.

Save money if you give HostPapa a try!

HostPapa is one of the first hosts that were ever reviewed here on Web Hosting Billboard. Looking back, it surprises me just how many web hosts haven’t made it.

Anyways, since we have built a great relationship with the folks over at HostPapa, they let us provide you with a HostPapa discount link for a limited time which saves you money on hosting. 🙂