I’m extremely thanking for the opportunity that the internet has brought to the table of people all around the world. It provides us with the opportunity to compile an endless database of trustworthy information. That’s why I’m dedicated to churning out all kinds of posts on web hosting and hosts themselves.

One thing that I often wonder is if HostMonster sucks. Sure, I’ve reviewed them, but I think now is the time that we really need to dig up some juicy information on this host that’s been in the business for years.

What’s HostMonster all about?

Starting back in 1996, HostMonster is one of the largest as well as oldest web hosting providers in the industry. Over the years, they had their rough times. However, they have proved that they can provide their customers with quality webhosting solutions when it comes down to the point of the matter.

Are their customers happy?

At the time of writing this post, HostMonster had a great majority of positive feedback from their customers and a very small amount of negative responses from disgruntled HostMonster customers. Of course, this can change as time progresses, which is why I featured the latest HostMonster consumer reviews below. 🙂


So, does this all mean that HostMonster sucks?

Absolutely not! HostMonster is one of the better web hosting providers that we have featured here at Web Hosting Billboard. They are suitable for someone who is looking for a “starter” web hosting solution. Of course, for complex hosting, you have to look elsewhere as this isn’t their specialty over at HostMonster.

Want to give it a shot with HostMonster?

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