I never thought that PHP would become such a popular programming language, but this goes to show that it has created a demand and that also creates a demand for high quality PHP hosting. Many hosts here on Web Hosting Billboard ended up getting examined on their PHP hosting capabilities and HostMonster just happened to be one of the lucky ones. 😉

Here’s a summary of my personal HostMonster PHP hosting investigation, I hope that you find it useful.

HostMonster is fully compatible with PHP.

HostMonster ensures that all of their web hosting customers have the capabilities of using PHP to build dynamic websites. PHP is fully support with HostMonster web hosting, making them one of your many choices when it comes to finding the best PHP hosting provider in the world.

The latest versions of PHP are used with HostMonster.

Instead of being lazy like some small time hosts, HostMonster keeps their PHP versions updated to the latest stable release to ensure that they have the highest quality PHP hosting environment possible. It’s good to know that when you choose them, they make sure security and stability are two things that they can provide without any hitches.

The HostMonster PHP Hosting Rundown

HostMonster offers a pretty good PHP hosting solution for those who are in need of it. They provide a wide variety of web hosting solutions, but one plan is sure to fit the needs of them all. After all, unlimited hosting is where it’s at these days. 😉

Save money by using the special HostMonster discount link provided for you below. It brings down the cost of their web hosting to a sweet $5.95 per month, but it’s only going to be around for a limited time.

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