Frontpage happens to be one of the older pieces of web development software created by the Microsoft corporation. Many hosts have done away with supporting Frontpage, but there are still those that do. In fact, HostMonster happens to be one of the few hosts who still provides the world with Frontpage-supported web hosting.

Want to take a deeper look into HostMonster Frontpage hosting? This page is sure to tell you everything that you need to do.

HostMonster provides support for Microsoft Frontpage.

HostMonster provides Frontpage extensions which is what’s needed in order to provide their customers with reliable Frontpage hosting. There’s no need to worry that HostMonster is an incompatible Frontpage web hosting provider, because they’re definitely far from being that. 😉

How good is HostMonster Frontpage hosting?

HostMonster may not be as highly back as some of the other web hosting providers that find themselves featured here on Web Hosting Billboard, but they do provide some decent Frontpage hosting. All of their web hosting plans seem to be on the mediocre level of the industry, but they guarantee that you’ll be satisfied as one of their valued customers.

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