HostMonster is a host who has truly been around the block, being established back in 1996 when the Internet was first catching on around the world. They continue to provide unlimited web hosting at a fair price today, which says a lot about the way that they do business.

Is HostMonster known for quality web hosting?

While this is a host who does have room for improvement, they seem to provide their customers with a good enough value that has them coming back to Web Hosting Billboard and sharing their stories of how great this host is when it comes to fulfilling all of their hosting needs. With the price, it is a good deal for business and individuals that want to make the most of their online presence.

Of course, this page is about saving money with the HostMonster coupon, so let’s get onto that. 🙂

What is the HostMonster coupon all about?

The HostMpnster coupon is one of the first ways that they promoted their company by offering great discounts on their web hosting to new customers who sign up for their web hosting. Back then, it was just like it is now, $5.95 per month being the discounted rate that these folks have to offer their new customers.

How do I get the HostMonster coupon?

Well, the coupon was halted a while back when HostMonster implemented a high tech linking system that provided select websites with the opportunity to offer the $5.95 discounted web hosting plan to their visitors. You can use this special HostMonster discount link to get in on this great web hosting special since we are one of the select sites able to offer this. 😉