HostMonster happens to be one of the better hosts that I reviewed here at Web Hosting Billboard. While they have room for improvement, the service that they provide is actually pretty decent. With that said, let’s take a look at what exactly the HostMonster backup process is.

Twice a month, the HostMonster backup takes place to protect your data.

Every two weeks, the folks over at HostMonster will back up the contents of your web hosting account free of charge. This helps provide you with a backup if the hard drive fails and you lose data, or you just messed up your whole website without meaning to.

If you want your own backup, you can do a backup in the control panel.

HostMonster is actually pretty good at making it easy for their customers to do everything that they could possibly need to do with their HostMonster web hosting account. One of these great things is that inside the HostMonster control panel, there’s a section that allows you to manually create and download backups of your webhosting account.

Restore Your Backups Easily

Inside the HostMonster control panel, you can easily restore backups of your account. You may think that it’s complicated, but they’re actually willing to help you every step of the way when it comes to creating your own manual backups of your HostMonster web hosting account.

The HostMonster Backup Feature Is Decent

I’m not going to say that it’s the best one in the industry, as I have seen other hosts provide backups more often than HostMonster does. However, for those who want reliable hosting, it just might be that wise decision that you need to make for yourself.

If you want to give HostMonster a try, sign up on their website. Use the special HostMonster discount link below to get the cheapest price on HostMonster web hosting.