A great feature that web hosting usually comes standard with these days is the easy access to webmail applications that we have. It’s definitely came a lot further then when web hosting was still seeing its first days. Honestly, I can’t live without having webmail and I know many of you can’t either.

That’s why I’m going to show you the best of HostGator webmail.

HostGator uses cPanel which provides 3 webmail choices.

HostGator uses one of the best web hosting control panels around, formally known as cPanel. It comes standard with three different webmail applications for users to choose from. If you don’t like one, there’s always another that you can take for a test drive as long as you’re being hosted by a HostGator web hosting account. 🙂

HostGator packs their plans with UNLIMITED e-mail addies!

When you purchase a HostGator web hosting plan, you can rest assured that you’re not ever going to run out of available e-mail addresses just because your host wants to be mean and place some weak limit on how many you can create with your web hosting account. That’s because the gator believes in giving you the most…. UNLIMITED!

Unlimited disk space assures room for all of your e-mails!

Instead of stressing over possible overage charges from your host, you can rest easy knowing that with HostGator, there’s not some silly limit on how much storage space your web hosting account can take up on their server. They make the world of hosting a lot better by offering true unlimited hosting.

Signing Up With The Gator

If you’re ready to sign up with HostGator, you can use the link below to be taken directly to their secure website where you will have the ability to finish placing your web hosting order. Once you get signed up, come back here to sign up for the FREE website creation course that will take you through each step of launching your own website.