One of the most powerful benefits of technology happens to affect the web hosting industry. It provides people like us with the opportunity to find out which hosts suck at providing hosting solutions and which ones truly shine as bright as a star.

This is made possible by others sharing their experiences as well as writers like me who do everything in their power to dig up all of the information available on as many web hosting providers as possible, and bring it back to the public WITHOUT BEING CENSORED.

HostGator is one of the lucky hosts to be placed under my microscope while I reveal what hosts suck and what hosts rule.

A Quick HostGator Intro

HostGator is one web hosting provider that has literally came from being operated from a college dorm room to being one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world. Coming to the table with unlimited web hosting at a decent price, it provides individuals as well as businesses with what they need from a web hosting plan, and THEN SOME. 🙂

What have HostGator customers said?

Of course, the most beneficial piece of information is the experiences from other who have tried out a particular product or service that you’re thinking about buying. Below, you will see what other HostGator customers have had to say about them recently.


Could it be true that HostGator sucks?

HostGator is one of the better web hosting providers that you’re going to come across. I use them for a small network of my websites and they get the job done, so I know that they back up what they’re offering from first hand experience.

If you want a host that sucks, you’re not going to find it over at HostGator.

You now know, is this the host for you?

You now know just how good HostGator is and what you can expect if you choose to become one of their customers. Now, I have this special HostGator link that automatically sends you to the latest offerings with the best pricing ever offered.  Once you sign up, come back here and sign up for the FREE website creation course. 😉