HostGator is known for being one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world, but do they actually do what it takes to ensure that they have one of the best e-commerce hosting offers in the industry? With hosts scrambling to grab up this type of clients, it’s a very hard thing to do and it only gets even more difficult as each day passes.

One thing that many hosts have done is offered some sort of SSL certificate to all of their web hosting clients.

What’s the use of a HostGator SSL certificate?

A HostGator SSL certificate is private, meaning that you’re the only person that’s going to be using it. This gives you the highest level of security possible. It encrypts all information transmitted on your website, so that it can’t become intercepted by someone who’s going to do nothing but misuse it.

Order The Business Plan to Get A FREE HostGator SSL Certificate

This is the only HostGator web hosting plan that comes with a free private SSL certificate. It’s the plan you need to run a successful e-commerce enterprise anyways, so it’s not like they’re trying to sell you something that’s going to be absolutely useless to you. This is a great offering, and very few hosts actually want to offer it as they can’t financially support it if they did.

HostGator is the TRUE e-commerce host!

With free advertising bonuses and tons of other cool e-commerce web hosting features, they are truly one of the most preferred hosts among those who own e-commerce websites and/or networks. If you want a solid h0st, you’ve found it with HostGator.

Ready to try out the HostGator experience?

You can use the link below to be securely taken to their website where you can proceed with your HostGator order. You can also check out every single one of their features as well, if that’s something that you need to take care of before finalizing your important web hosting decision. 🙂