To start off, let’s quickly go over what reseller hosting is. It’s the most common way for someone to start their own web hosting business without having to pay a lot of money trying to acquire all of the equipment. Instead, you are able to use the servers of your host to provide web hosting under your very own brand name.

HostGator reseller hosting is one of the most popular solutions used for this and below are some of the reasons why.

The pricing is fair, but it’s not the best I’ve seen on reseller hosting.

Starting at $24.95 per month, they don’t offer the best prices on reseller web hosting that you can find right here on WHB with other web hosting providers. They also don’t provide you with the opportunity to offer unlimited web hosting with their higher-end reseller hosting package. The value just isn’t enough to move me, but it’s not the worst deal that’s come across my desk over the years.

With HostGator, they limit your resources, regardless of whether or not they charge more than others.

I can understand the reasoning for this, but when most of the reseller hosts that are featured here on WHB provides the opportunity for someone to start their own unlimited web hosting, and HostGator refuses to provide this, it’s not the best deal that you’re going to come across. Sure, the resource allotments are huge, but I would provide unlimited hosting over hosts who limit resources any day.

HostGator still has some of the most secure servers in the world.

One thing that I have been able to give HostGator props on is how secure their web hosting network is. Being a HostGator customer myself, I have been able to see it develop right in front of my very own eyes. When you choose HostGator reseller hosting, your customers are going to be as safe as ever on the servers they find themselves hosted on.

Ordering HostGator Reseller Hosting

If you want to give HostGator reseller hosting a try, the link below will securely take you to their official website where you can place your order.