HostGator hosts over one million websites which makes them one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world. Of course, this is thanks to their marketing campaigns such as the one that features the official HostGator coupon. This has always been one of the more popular web hosting promotions, and I don’t see it dying out anytime soon with this host. 🙂

What in the world is all of this noise about a HostGator coupon?

I hate to do it, trust me. Then again, I can’t live without telling you the truth about the Blue Host coupon. The truth is….

They don’t have one! No promotion, no rebate, and no coupon! Sure, that sucks, considering that Blue Host is a little bit more expensive than the top web hosting providers featured here at Web Hosting Billboard, but I can’t force them to allow us the opportunity to save a little bit of money when we choose them as our new web hosting provider either. Trust me, if I could, I would. 🙂

What’s all this noise I’m hearing about a HostGator coupon?

Well, here at Web Hosting Billboard, we make it our job to save you as much money as possible with the web hosts that find themselves reviewed by one of our tribe members. Yes, we’re a tribe that works closely together to provide you with some of the most recognized informational sources on the internet, and WebHostingBreak just happens to be one of the first few sites we have successfully established. 🙂

HostGator runs this promotion once in a while which allows you to sign up for their web hosting for just a PENNY! Yep, you read it right, if you have a cent, you can get hosted with one of the biggest hosts in the world?

What’s the HostGator coupon code that I need?

The coupon code is INSERT HERE, and it is valid when the HostGator penny web hosting sale is running. Use this special HostGator link to be securely taken to their website. Once you get signed up, come back here and sign up for the FREE website creation course. 🙂

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