We all know that HostGator is a big company and that they host enough websites to make your head spin if you even attempt to count them. However, not ever big host is one of the best hosts in the world.

One thing that the best hosts do is that they automatically backup all of their servers at least once a week, this shows that they care about their customers enough to not allow them to have to experience what it’s like to lose a website and not have a backup of it.

Once a week, the HostGator servers churn into action to perform backups.

Instead of having to remember to backup your data yourself, HostGator has their servers automatically set to backup their web hosting clients once a week. That way, if you ever lose your website data or any problems occur, you have a backup that you can plug in instantly.

Restore your HostGator backup easily with cPanel.

Since HostGator uses cPanel, which is one of the best web hosting control panels around, you can easily restore your account backup. They have a restoration wizard inside cPanel that will guide you from start to finish on the backup restoration process. Trust me, it’s painless!

Getting a manual backup with cPanel is easy too!

If, at any time, you want to create and download a real-time backup of your HostGator web hosting account, you can do it within cPanel. There’s a button that will take you through this easy process. 🙂

If you sign up for HostGator, don’t get stuck paying full price.

We have been dealing with HostGator for years now. Since they have provided quality web hosting, we have been able to provide our recommendation to them. They also gave me a special HostGator discount link that lets you get web hosting for less than five bucks per month, here it is.