Webmail is one thing that sure has made the lives of many webmasters around the world happy. It’s convenient since you have the ability to check your e-mail account(s) anywhere that has an internet connection, without having to install additional software.

When I review a web host, having webmail is a given. It’s standard in the industry for a web hosting account to come with webmail capabilities.

At Green Geeks, you have a choice between 3 different webmail applications.

Since Green Geeks uses cPanel, which just so happens to be one of the best web hosting control panels in the industry, all of their customers have a choice of three different webmail applications that they can use. This gives you the opportunity to see which one you like the most, without having to get stuck with one that you hate. Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me. 🙂

No limits on Green Geeks e-mail accounts!

I’m the type of person that has multiple e-mails, so having a web host like Green Geeks who provides me with unlimited e-mail address is a strict requirement that I can’t work around by any means. Some hosts will limit you to a certain amount of e-mail accounts, but Green Geeks isn’t one of those. 😉

You’ll have plenty of space to store your e-mails when you host with Green Geeks.

That’s because their web hosting accounts come standard with an unlimited amount of disk space. You’ll have to put in a limit when you setup your e-mail account, but you can set that as high as you want since Green Geeks isn’t going to be mean and place a limit on the amount of disk space that your web hosting account can take up on their server.

Ready to give Green Geeks a shot?

You can use the special Green Geeks discount link that’s featured below, it will actually register your price at a low $4.95 per month, which is giving you two bucks per month off of the normal Green Geeks web hosting price. This much savings is definitely going to add up pretty quickly.

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