Green Geeks is known for providing some pretty powerful green hosting solutions to users all around the world. They also provide experience developers to dive into the advanced realm of web hosting with secure SSH access that comes standard with each one of their web hosting plans that’s ordered.

For beginners, it might not be a feature that matters to them, and that’s what I’m going to help you discover during this post. 🙂

Do you have basic programming skills?

SSH access is all about inputting commands manually, and you have to have at least basic programming skills to perform these commands successfully. Otherwise, you could end up not succeeding or erasing critical data that your website requires in order to operate flawlessly.

If you are inexperienced, please do yourself a favor and manage your web hosting account via the Green Geeks control panel as it provides you with the easiest method of managing your account and all of the websites which are hosted on your Green Geeks web hosting account.

If you are experienced with server side languages, this feature could be very beneficial to you.

The love for SSH access was built based on the fact that it’s the most secure way that you can access a web hosting server. Not only that, but for the geeks out there, it saves a lot of time in the process. This feature is very beneficial for any experienced web developer to have on their side.

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