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Instead of having to go through the painful process of manually setting up a forum on your web hosting account, why not go with a host like Green Geeks who makes forum installations a breeze for you? Just login to the Green Geeks web hosting control panel, click on the one click script installation shortcut, and install the forum of your choice.

How much easier could installing a forum honestly get?

No need to worry about getting too big!

Of course, if you own a super forum, you probably will need dedicated hosting anyways. Shared web hosting isn’t meant for intensive forums that have tens of thousands of users. However, for those of you with small forums, Green Geeks provides unlimited hosting which assures that you have the space that you need for your forum to reach its peak.

To kick off your new forum, Green Geeks wants to throw in a FREE domain!

Don’t you like getting free stuff? I love it! That’s why I was ecstatic when I saw that Green Geeks provides a free domain name registration with their new web hosting orders. It’s always great to see a host who really wants to provide their customers with the best value in web hosting possible.

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