FatCow has proven to be one our better web hosting providers. From the vast array of beneficial features to great customer feedback, they sure know how to do business the right way. Let’s see what’s going on with the FatCow backup feature.

Every single day, your data is backed up.

FatCow has implemented automated server-wide backups that occur each and every night. This helps protect your data from being lost due to some technical malfunction that forces deleting of your complete web hosting account.

Trust me, you don’t want to be there as all of the hard work that you put into a website won’t matter if you lose all of the files after you updated. Having a backup is the best way to ensure all of your data is secure and can be restored if needed.

On top of the daily FatCow backup, they throw in a free Carbonite subscription when you sign up.

Why not go that extra mile and backup the data that’s on your computer as well? When you sign up as a new FatCow web hosting customer, they throw in a 2 year subscription (2 GB of space) to Carbonite absolutely free of charge.

I don’t know about you, but Carbonite is a solid tool to have on your side and you really don’t have anything to lose since you were looking for the best web hosting in the world anyways. Now, you have found both. 🙂

The backup process is awesome, but how do I sign up for FatCow?

I’m glad that you’ve read this far, as I want to help you save money. The other day, I was on the phone with the folks at FatCow when I talked them into providing WHB visitors with a sweet deal on their web hosting. They approved a special discount making the price $44 per year, but this offer is only allowed to run for a limited time, so don’t miss out!