One thing that many professional web developers favor is having a highly secure and lighting fast SSH connection available to them from the shared hosting provider that powers the website that they find themselves creating.

The reason for this is that it is the most secure type of connection to a web hosting account and it provides them with the opportunity to control the server by the command line. However, for most an SSH connection isn’t something that’s required and it’s surely not going to harm the security level of your web hosting account.

This page is going to provide you with the opportunity to see whether an SSH connection is something you need to make sure your web host supports, as well as discover the ins and outs of Fat Cow SSH access.

Would you prefer a visual way to control your web hosting account?

The Fat Cow web hosting control panel provides you with this awesome opportunity. It comes with a highly secure and encrypted environment, so you’re not going to be risking the health of your web hosting account if you choose to go this route.

With SSH access, you don’t have the opportunity, it’s actually  a lot more difficult to manage your data and your accounts via an SSH connection than it is to just use the Fat Cow control panel that comes standard with all of their green web hosting accounts.

What if I want to manage my web hosting account and its contents by the command line?

Then, you would need to be in search of a highly secure SSH connection. With Fat Cow web hosting, they don’t provide SSH access with their web hosting accounts. Mainly because they want to offer simple hosting, so adding such a complex feature would take them away from achieving this goal.

However, there are many web hosts that have been reviewed here at Web Hosting Billboard who do offer secure SSH hosting options.

If you want to go the simple route, Fat Cow is the best choice you could make!

Fat Cow is one of the higher quality web hosts in the industry. I have trusted them with a network of my websites and they have done nothing but provide one of the best web hosting experiences I have ever had. Make sure if you sign up with Fat Cow, that you use the special discount link below to get the limited time price of $44 per year. This special makes them one of the most affordable web hosting providers on WHB.