Did you know that the web hosting provider you choose has to do with one of the factors of search engine ranks? That’s why it’s so important for you to find an SEO friendly web hosting provider, who doesn’t host a bunch of spammy websites on the same server that your websites are hosted on.

Fat Cow web hosting is definitely SEO friendly, and I went over a few of the reasons why for you below.

One thing that hurts rankings is being hosting alongside spammy sites, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with Fat Cow.

A lot of web hosting providers will actually host low quality, yet spammy websites which Google deeply frowns on. In fact, Google has been known to ban a whole server just because one website was deemed as a spam probably that needed to be taken care of immediately upon being discovered. When you choose Fat Cow, the servers stay pretty clean when it comes to spam sites.

Use the FREE Fat Cow search engine credits to get a boost in traffic to your website.

When you need results now, search engine marketing can help you out if you deal with the PPC side of it. It provides you with the opportunity to generate new traffic to your website via paid advertisement on search engines. Each time someone clicks your link, you pay the set price per click. Fat Cow wants to help you get started and they’re willing to throw in free search engine credits with all new hosting accounts.

When it comes down to it, Fat Cow is very SEO friendly.

Fat Cow is one of the most SEO friendly hosts on Web Hosting Billboard. They work hard to keep it this way, so I think that they have truly earned the exposure that they got here today on WHB and I urge them to continue working hard to provide one of the best offerings ever seen in the web hosting industry.

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