PHP is seeing its highest demand ever these days with the introduction of blogging and content management systems. Just about every piece of interactive website software uses some for of PHP. This makes it more important to have reliable PHP hosting now than it has ever been before.

This reality led me towards this investigation on Fat Cow PHP hosting.

Fat Cow is PHP friendly!

There’s no need to worry about the cow eating all of the PHP features, Fat Cow is completely friendly when it comes to providing some of the best PHP web hosting currently being offered. If you need a fast and reliable PHP host, you’re not going to find many that beat Fat Cow. I’m not partial to them, I’m just trying to be honest about the whole thing.

Fat Cow doesn’t know how to use outdated PHP versions, because they use the latest.

When a new stable release of PHP is released, the Fat Cow techs get busy installing them throughout the data center. The forgot what it’s like to host an outdated PHP version, which assures a secure and reliable web hosting experience for those of you who decide to go with them for all of your web hosting needs.

Fat Cow PHP Hosting Added Up

I have to say that Fat Cow PHP hosting is pretty impressive and it’s definitely one of the best offerings around. Using the special Fat Cow discount link below, you can get their hosting for the low price of $44 per year, THAT’S OVER HALF OFF the normal price. With such a great promotion, the only thing there is to do is to go and take advantage of what they have to offer.

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