FatCow is one of my favorite web hosting providers personally. They have a pretty good offering, actually they have one of the best offerings I have ever seen exist in the web hosting industry. The Fat Cow marketing bonuses (which have been outlined below for your convenience) probably contribute a lot towards winning me over.

Free $50 Google AdWords Voucher

Start off your Adwords campaign with a $50 credit to your account. It’s possible, as Fat Cow gives this away when you sign up for a new web hosting account through them.

Free $50 Facebook Advertising Voucher

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites and this opens a massive opportunity for businesses and websites in terms of promotion. Give it a whirl for yourself when you sign up with FatCow, as they give you a $50 credit for Facebook advertising when you sign up for a new web hosting plan with them.

Free $50 Yahoo! Search Engine Marketing Voucher

Yahoo may not be as big as Google, but they are still one of the biggest and most used search engines in the world. The advertising opportunity is still with their search engine marketing and you can see for yourself by using the free $50 credit that FatCow gives you when you sign up for a new web hosting account.

Free Listing On YellowPages.com

Get your business noticed in the premier online yellow pages site formally known as YellowPages.com. Your new Fat Cow web hosting account will come with this to provide you with this priceless opportunity.

Google Webmaster Tools Included

Get access to all of the information that you need to know about your website with Google Webmaster Tools. This comes standard with all Fat Cow web hosting accounts.

Subscription to RatePoint’s Newsletter Manager

The RatePoint site seal provides your visitors with the assurance that you’re truly an authentic company and that they’re at the official website for your business. On top of that, consumer reviews can be submitted easily via a web-based app. You get a 60 day subscription to this service when you sign up for FatCow web hosting.

Free Access To Online Marketing Guides

A huge library of online marketing guides hides in the pastures over at FatCow and their customers always have instant access to these valuable guides that teaches you how to successfully exist in the world of online marketing.

Free Access To HubSpot’s Website Grader

This provides you with the opportunity to get a professional evaluation of your FatCow website before launching any major advertising campaigns. Don’t get embarrassed, make sure everything is right by taking advantage of the free subscription that comes with new FatCow web hosting orders.