fat cow couponWhen it comes to the FatCow FTP methods that are offered, you just might be surprised that they give it to you any way that you want it.

With that said, let’s look at the FatCow FTP methods which are offered as well as any information that they provide on their website regarding FatCow FTP.

FatCow FTP via FatCow Control Panel

This is one of the most popular FTP methods for people that don’t like using an FTP program (such as CuteFTP or Filezilla) as well as beginners trying to get their internet presence established for the first time.

You can easily access the built-in FatCow FTP manager via the FatCow control panel. This is a great option for a browser-based FTP experience.

FatCow FTP via FTP Programs

For the novice web developers, this is the most beneficial methods of uploading your website files via FatCow FTP. FatCow supports this method as well and it’s actually quite simple. Also, one thing that we noticed is that the FatCow FTP server seems to be pretty fast compared to other web hosting providers.

FatCow FTP Help

Need help with one of the FatCow FTP options? Don’t worry, FatCow has you covered with their extensive knowledge based that has been packed by their Moo Crew in an effort to provide FatCow web hosting customers with the help they need, when they need it.

FatCow FTP Summary

When it comes down to it, the FatCow FTP options that are provided to FatCow web hosting customers are really useful and it makes uploading your website files easier than ever.

It’s also great to see a lot of FatCow FTP information readily available right on their website for the times when one requires a little extra help with FatCow FTP. This is helpful and prevents headaches with FatCow FTP.

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Fat Cow FTP