Activate Fat Cow Web Hosting Coupon

fat cow couponWith FatCow web hosting, you can expect to receive a free domain name for life.

They register the domain name for you, and you own it.

They don’t charge you for it as long as you continue hosting with FatCow web hosting.

If you switch to another hosting company, you can easily transfer the domain away from Fat Cow (they don’t give any problems about this).

What’s the catch to a free FatCow domain?

There really isn’t a catch like you’d expect. As long as you let FatCow provide you with your web hosting needs, you get to have the FatCow domain for free, FOR LIFE! This is a great way to get a jump start on your website on your new FatCow web hosting account.

Host Unlimited Domains with FatCow Web Hosting

When you host with FatCow web hosting, you get to take advantage of hosting an unlimited amount of domains on your FatCow web hosting account.

This means that you can develop an online empire with FatCow web hosting and never worry about hosting too many domains with your FatCow web hosting account.

You can use this for future growth or you may even have a ton of domains that need web hosting. Either way, you’re sure to find that FatCow web hosting will definitely provide you with the shared web hosting that you need for an unlimited number of domains.

If you would like to add additional domains to your FatCow web hosting account, this can be easily done via the FatCow web hosting control panel.

When you choose FatCow web hosting, you have the room to grow your online empire. Unlimited domains are definitely a great web hosting benefit for anyone, whether you think you need it or not.

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Activate Fat Cow Web Hosting Coupon