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fat cow couponWhen it comes to having an ecommerce website, you need to make sure that the web hosting provider that you choose has what you need in order to take advantage of ecommerce features.

The FatCow ecommerce features are actually very good when it comes to having what you need in order to build your new ecommerce website with your FatCow web hosting account.

Let’s take a moment and explore a few of the FatCow ecommerce features which are provided.

ShopSite Online Store

One of the great bonuses when it comes to FatCow ecommerce features is that they provide you with the ShopSite online store, which allows you to build your online store without frustration.

Shared SSL Certificate

There is nothing that says secure ordering better than having an SSL certificate. One of the FatCow ecommerce featured is that they provide you with a shared SSL certificate. Simply put, you’re not going to be the only FatCow web hosting customer that uses this shared SSL certificate, but it’s a great bonus that the FatCow ecommerce time decided to throw in.

PayPal Shopping Cart Integration

One of the most popular ways to process payments for FatCow ecommerce websites is with PayPal. You can take advantage of having the PayPal shopping cart integration on your ecommerce website. This will allow you to have a good way to allow people to shop and then pay you via PayPal.

Fat Cow Ecommerce Summarized

When it comes down to it, FatCow web hosting provided you with what you need to get started in the fast paced world of ecommerce. From providing a shared SSL certificate to PayPal shopping cart integration, the FatCow ecommerce options are practically endless.

When you need a web hosting provider that doesn’t provide minimal ecommerce functionality, FatCow web hosting is waiting for you.

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Check out Fat Cow Ecommerce