One thing that every webmaster hates is downtime. It shouldn’t happen, but some web hosting providers don’t have the means to provide hosting that doesn’t see a lot of downtime. Fat Cow is one web hosting provider that proves downtime is uncalled for, as they hold themselves to some of the highest uptime standards in the industry.

Want to see my experience with Fat Cow downtime over the years of keeping them under my watch? Here we go!

Fat Cow is one of the most reliable hosts on WHB.

If you can trust a host, it’s probably going to be Fat Cow. Not only has the team here at WHB seen that they provide reliable web hosting, but many Fat Cow customers have left their great experiences with Fat Cow as well to show you that they are worth giving a try if you need a good host that’s going to take care of you for the long run.

Is there any compensation for Fat Cow downtime?

While the odds of this happening are next to none, they do offer compensation if their customers experience less than 99.9% uptime. The specifics of this guarantee can be found on the official FatCow website. This goes to show that Fat Cow doesn’t think you should have to pay for unreliable web hosting, and that’s the bottom line. 🙂

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